"I’m unfamiliar with this end of the process. ’Course, no one may be listening, um, but I- I do need a s s i s t a n c e. I have questions, and there seem to be n o  a n s w e r s. I wouldn’t presume to ask for help if I weren’t desperate, but I need helpI ’ m  l o s t. I need your g u i d a n c e. Please hear my prayer.

                         I don’t know how humans do it.”


Supernatural + objects questions

  • Impala: where do you feel most at home?
  • Bunker: what's your favourite thing about your home/workplace?
  • Samulet: what's one thing that has a lot of sentimental value to you and why?
  • Ruby's knife: what's one thing you're absolutely ruthless about?
  • Angel blade: what's one skill that you don't show people very often?
  • Angel tablet: what's one thing you're glad you know?
  • Demon tablet: what's one thing you wish you'd known earlier?
  • John's journal: who or what do you turn to when you need guidance?
  • John's leather jacket: do you ever feel you are trying to live up to someone else's standards?
  • Dean's leather jacket: what's one example of development or progress that you're proud of?
  • Bobby's flask: do you ever get too attached to things or people?
  • Cas's trenchcoat: what's one thing you wouldn't ever change about yourself?
  • Sam's checked shirts: what's one thing other people find cute about you?
  • Dean's mullet rock collection: what kind of music do you like?
  • The rainbow slinky: what's one thing somebody has done for you that you really appreciated?
  • Anti-possession tattoos: what's one thing that makes you feel safe?
  • The First Blade: what are your mechanisms for coping with pressure?
  • Grace: what's one thing you like about yourself?
  • Toilet paper: what's one thing you couldn't live without?